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Download Printable April 2020 Calendar PDF, Word & Excel

If you want to understand and cover the pattern of time, then calendar is the best tool of doing that, as it contains the whole cycle of the time. The calendar depicts the period of time in the form of year, months, weeks, days etc and it helps the individuals to map the period of time in accordance with their requirements.

april 2020 printable calendar

This is the reason which makes the calendar as the best time management tool and we all resort to it in order to manage our respective times. Moreover, the calendar also offers us the schedule of the holidays and the other important events, which take place in the year and are subject to our lifestyles. 

Here in this article, we are basically going to discuss with you about the monthly calendar of April month for the year 2020. We will provide you with the professional printable template of this calendar month, which you can use in accordance with your requirements and boost your productivity.

Download Printable April 2020 Calendar With Holidays


Download Printable April 2020 Calendar With Holidays

The monthly calendar for the April 2020 is the calendar which contains the schedule of only for the month of April. It is ideal for all those users, who want to follow the schedule of their April month and make it the best possible productive month. 

The monthly calendar of the April month can also be customized by the users as per their requirements. For instance, if you are a professional person and want to note some significant events of the April month to be joined ahead then the April calendar is going to be your best companion in such cause. 

You can also customize this April month calendar with the holidays/events and the other important days, that you are concerned with and then the calendar will work for you just like a reminder so that you can ever miss any of the important forthcoming event/s. 

So, here below we are going to mention some important holidays and the days, which are going to take place in the month of April 2020 and urge you to have the note of it. 

April 1 April Fool’s Day
April 7 World’s Health Day
April 10 Good Friday
April 12 Easter
April 18 World’s Heritage Day
April 22 Earth Day
April 23 World’s Book Day
April 25 World’s Malaria Day


Download Free April 2020 Calendar Printable

Download Free April 2020 Calendar Printable

Well, if we talk about the significance of the printable calendar in the present time, then in the modern world of the internet the printable calendars have always been into the trend. 

The printable calendars are way more convenient than the old physical form of the calendar since you can easily carry and access the printable calendars in your digital devices whenever you want.

Moreover, the printable calendars are always best compatible when it comes to meeting out the individual’s requirements as any user can easily personalize the calendar. This is the reason why we always urge our users to use the printable calendar and have also provided the template of the printable April 2020 calendar in the several of the formats. 

Free April 2020 Calendar Printable Word

Free April 2020 Calendar Printable Word

Here in this section of the article, we are going to compile some random and the lesser-known facts about April. These facts will provide you with a better insight of the April month so that you can have a better understanding of the month and make the most of it accordingly.

  • April has been given its name after the Greek Goddess “Aphrodite” which is regarded as the Goddess of love.
  • The people who are born in the month of April may either have the Aries or the Taurus zodiacs depending upon their birth date.
  • Sweet pea& the daisy these are the two flowers which are associated with the month of April or are known as the flowers of the April month.
  • If you believe in the astrology and in the birthstone stuff then Diamond is the birthstone for all the people born in the month. 
  • In the Northern hemisphere the month of April brings the season of spring on the other hand in the Southern hemisphere it is the month of beginning winters.
  • April has the maximum numbers of the awareness days such as the cancer awareness days and many others as well.
  • It is another sad fact associated with the month of April that the maximum numbers of the United States presidents have died in the month of April itself.
  • April has been the birth month for the births of many famous personalities such as William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

So, these were some basic facts about the month of April which you should keep in your consideration. We hope that the printable template of the month of April 2020 will help you in serving your purposes and if you do need any other assistance then just feel free to approach us.

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