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Download Printable August 2020 Calendar PDF & Word

If there is one thing which can define the pattern of time then it is the only a calendar, which has been able to hold up the whole pattern of time for mankind. We all are bound by this pattern of time for the respective aspects of our lives and therefore calendar is a very significant tool for us.

august 2020 calendar

In the present scenario, the whole world is running on the same pattern of time which has been suggested to us by the calendar. Our personal and professional lives happen on a daily basis on the time pattern and this pattern defines the time in the form of days, months, years, etc.

A calendar can be of different types in accordance with the pattern of time, for instance, a yearly calendar is the one which defines the patter of time for the whole year. It shows up the schedule of holidays, festivals, and other such events which are going to take place in the whole year and is suitable for the majority of the people around us.

On the other hand, you can have the calendar of a specific period of time for say a monthly calendar of a particular month which is just limited to the schedule of that month. Moreover, we are living in the digital world where we all prefer having the digital format of the calendar instead of the old fashioned physical format calendar. 

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the template of the August 2020 printable calendar, which is going to help you in managing your whole person and the professional affairs for the month of August. It would assist you in making your August month as one of the best productive months of the year.

Printable August 2020 Calendar With Holidays

Printable August 2020 Calendar With Holidays

There are plenty of the people among us who tend to make and follow their schedule on the monthly basis, such as the business professionals, entrepreneurs etc who have a very intense schedule of the meetings and events to catch up. 

This monthly calendar of August is specifically going to benefit all those people who want to customize their monthly working or the personal schedule for the month of August.

With this printable August 2020 calendar, the users will be able to insert the schedule of their meetings, events, holidays or festivals etc as per their requirements and the calendar would work for them just like a reminder to make sure that the users don’t miss out on any of their specific schedules. 

The best part of this calendar is that the users can avoid the schedule of August’s month, which is irrelevant for them for instance if there is any specific festival or the holiday coming in the month, which is of no use for you then you can simply avoid such day to give place in your calendar. 

Here below we are inserting the printable calendar of August 2020 month with the schedule of some important days and the holidays for your consideration.


Name of August Holiday/Event Date of August Holiday/Event
International Friendship Day August 1, 2020
Eid-Al-Adha August 1, 2020
Hiroshima Day August 6, 2020
Obama Day August 4, 2020
International Youth Day August 12, 2020
International Women Equality Day August 26, 2020
National Sports Day August 29,2020

August 2020 Calendar Printable

August 2020 Calendar Printable

The printable calendars have many practical usages over the old form of the physical paper calendar, which used to have very limited significance. 

Here we are mentioning some major advantages of the printable calendar.

  • A printable calendar is easy to get since you don’t have to go to the market in order to buy them when you can just avail of them from the internet just on your single click.
  • The major advantage of the printable calendar is portability as you can easily carry them in your digital device from one place to the other.
  • Printable calendars are easy to be customized as you can define them in your own manner.
  • The printable calendar works just as the reminder which will always be with you to remind you about the coming up schedule of the month so that you can easily catch up on the schedule.
  • You can even share the printable calendar with your friends, families, clients or business partners, etc.
  • Printable calendars can save your overall time and enable you to become much more productive in the comparison of paperback calendars. 

We hope that this printable calendar of August 2020 would assist you in making up your monthly schedule in the most convenient manner to follow. You can get the template of this calendar in several formats such as Word, PDF, Excel etc as per your compatibility.

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