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Home » Free Printable Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 [PDF, Excel & Word]

Free Printable Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 [PDF, Excel & Word]

We are about to embrace the brand new year of 2020 in no time now and before stepping into this new year we must plan for the year in advance so that we can make the most of our time in the best possible manner. 

If you are a Sri Lankan resident and are looking forward to having the proper calendar of the year 2020, in which you can arrange the schedule of your whole 12 months of the year then we are going to help you in such regard.

In this article, we are going to offer you the printable template of the Sri Lankan calendar 2020 which is comprised of a whole 12 months of the year. In this calendar, you can have access to all the festivals, public holidays and the other significant days of Sri Lanka’s constitution, which are necessary to keep in consideration for every citizen of the country. 

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Sri Lanka 2020 Printable Calendar

 Sri Lanka 2020 Printable Calendar

            2021 Calendar                            Download PDF

Well, calendar is the only tool that lets us know about the public holidays of Sri Lanka since in the calendar you can easily check out the schedule of all the public holidays along with their respective months and the dates. In a similar manner, you can check out the dates of other festivals and the important days which are significant for all the citizens of the country. 

Printable Calendar 2020 with Sri Lanka Holidays

Printable Calendar 2020 with Sri Lanka Holidays

Download PDF

Public holidays of Sri Lanka are basically those holidays that are recognized as the nonworking days of the country. These holidays are announced and approved by the constitution of Sri Lanka and during these holidays all the public and the government working sectors of the country keep their working schedule off. 

Public Holidays in Sri Lanka 2020

Public Holidays in Sri Lanka 2020

Download PDF

For instance, you can’t visit any of the government and the public sector organizations of Sri Lanka during the public holidays, since these organizations remain off including the public/government schools as well. This is why a layman must have full information regarding the public holidays of the country to execute the relevant day to day life in a systematic manner. 

Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 Printable

Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 Printable

Download PDF

This is the reason why we have drafted printable Sri Lanka’s calendar 2020 in which you can not only see the schedule of public holidays but can also manage these days. The calendar can be used as a true time management companion tool, whether you are a professional person or a household person to manage the various kinds of household chores. 

Sri Lanka 2020 Portrait Calendar

Sri Lanka 2020 Portrait Calendar

Download PDF                                                Download Word

We are living in the digital world where the printable calendars are far more practical than the old paperback format calendar since the printable calendar comes with all the practical and the relevant features, which are not possible in the old-style calendar. 

Here is how you can make the most of this Sri Lankan Printable calendar 2020 in your own use.

  • You can customize this printable calendar in accordance with your professional and the household requirements so that you can easily and readily go on with your relevant schedule.
  • Printable calendar is the highly portable calendar you can carry with yourself anywhere you want just using your digital device.
  • You can use this calendar as a reminder which will remind you about your day to day professional schedule so that you can easily follow it without any fear of missing anything.
  • You can share the printable calendar with your office colleagues or friends, relatives, etc.

We have designed this printable calendar in the various formats and you can get it in a suitable format in accordance with the compatibility of your digital device, such as in the PDF, Word, Excel formats.

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