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Download Printable October 2020 Calendar PDF & Word

When it comes to the most significant time management tools then the calendars never lose their significance, as they are just walking with us right from the ancient age to the modern scenario. Calendar is the most basic yet the most significant source which holds the pattern of time in itself and makes us aware of the same. 


october 2020 calendar

There was the time when the calendar used to have the limited physical form but the calendars of today are highly dynamic, as they are in the digital formats. Digital formats calendar are highly in the trend due to their practical usages and you can access such a calendar in the digital format using your devices. 

In this article, we are basically going to provide you with one such digital calendar format which you can easily print and use.

Yes, the article would provide you with the free printable template of the October 2020 calendar which you can use to make your October as the highly productive month.

Printable October 2020 Calendar With Holidays


Printable October 2020 Calendar With Holidays

We are living in the world of digital media where everything has turned into the digital formats including the calendars as well. Yes gone are the days when you used to stick the large paperback calendar on your walls and refer to it for the sake of accessing the required schedule as now the digital calendars just follow you wherever you go. 

A printable monthly calendar of October 2020 month is one such calendar in which you can find out the complete schedule for all the days of October. For instance, if you want to know what are the coming holidays/festivals in this month of October, then you can easily know them using this of our printable October monthly calendar. 

This calendar cab is highly effective to all those our users who are highly concerned with their month by month schedule and want to plan their October’s monthly schedule. The calendar offers the full customization features to the users by which they can add their own personalized schedule of October’s month and then can easily follow it. 

Here below we are adding the printable calendar of October’s 2020 along with some important holidays of the month, which you should take in your consideration.

Name of Holiday/Events Date of Holidays/Events
World’s Habitat Day First Monday of October
World’s Post Office Day October 9
Columbus Day October 12
World’s Food Day October 16
World’s Students Day October 15
United Nations Day October 24
Halloween Day  October 31

October 2020 Calendar Printable


October 2020 Calendar Printable

Well, we all know October just as the tenth month of the year which is comprised of the 31 days long but the month isn’t just about it. 

The month of October is the month of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is the month of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and in the olden time, it used to be the Eighth month of the year as there was no January and February months back them in the calendar.

The name of October has been derived from the same logic as it has been derived from the Latin word “Octo” which means number eighth since October used to have the number 8 of its occurrence in the calendar. 

So, this is how the origin of month cams into existence and now we are listing some other facts about the month of October which will assist you to know the month in-depth. 

  • In the United States, October is known as the month of the festival due to the many festivals take place in this month.
  • October is the birth month of many famous personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, etc.
  • Calendula is the birth flower of October’s month.
  • The people who are born in October may have either Libra or the Scorpio as their birth sign.
  • There are many health awareness days that happen in the month of October such as breast cancer, healthy lungs day, etc.

So, these were some of the lesser-known facts about the month of October and we believe that these facts will aware of your understanding about this month. 

October 2020 Calendar Printable Doc


October 2020 Calendar Printable Doc

There are many ways in which you can use the printable calendar and make the most of this calendar. The actual significance of any calendar depends upon the usages of such a calendar yet there are some points to define the significance of this printable calendar.

  • The printable calendar is highly portable as you can keep it in your digital device and carry anywhere you want. 
  • You can insert or add all your important meetings and the events in the calendar and it will work for you just like the reminder so that you don’t miss out on any of such events. 
  • With the help of a printable calendar, you can share your to-do list and the other events with the other people. 
  • You can arrange your family and personal fun time using the printable calendar.
    Printable calendars are easy to get and manage which makes them highly practical for the modern days. 

We believe that the template of this October’s printable calendar will assist you in your desired purpose and we have provided the template in several formats such as Word, Office, PDF, etc for the professional users as well.

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